Machine & Plant Process Automation

Each machine builders and Plant Manufactures have specific needs in terms of Automation.

Currently, Industry facing challenges of down time to market with higher efficiency and flexibility. Achieving this while maintaining or increasing product quality calls for machines that are especially powerful, versatile, and precise.

With our established and comprehensive knowledge of markets, we can offer you the best and most appropriate products, services, and solutions that can effectively and efficiently be used in your market. Our digital solutions – Electrical Automation portfolio gives you long-term reliability for your machines and/or Plants.

Based on control philosophy of client, we provide VFD and Servo based motion control Solution in machine builders and Plant manufacturing company in the field of … Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Process, Life Science & Pharma, Chemical, Dairy, Textile, Water & Waste Water, Food & Beverages, Energy and more.

It aims to streamline processes, improve precision, and optimize production by automating various aspects of machine & plant operation.


Benefits of Machine Automation:

  • Increased Productivity:Automation reduces manual effort, allowing humans to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Efficiency:Streamlined processes lead to faster production cycles.
  • Quality:Automation ensures consistency and accuracy.
  • Decision Making:Intelligent automation provides insights and suggests solutions.

Our offerings

Process Automation Expertise

⮚ Hydrogenation process
⮚ Automatic Bromination process
⮚ System of solvent recovery

Process Optimization Services

Consultation and analysis services to identify inefficiencies in existing processes and implement automation solutions to streamline workflows, reduce waste, and improve output quality.

Compliance and Safety Solutions

Integration of automation solutions that meet industry regulations and safety standards, ensuring compliance while enhancing workplace safety and risk management.

Machine/Plant Automation Implementation

Utilizing the diverse expertise of our skilled team, we specialize in delivering comprehensive automation solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From conceptualization to implementation, we offer end-to-end automation services leveraging a variety of technologies including PLC, HMI, SCADA, process automation, instrumentation, IIoT 4.0, and any other necessary components. Our goal is to fulfill your automation needs efficiently and effectively, ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance throughout your operations

System Integration & Reportings

We specialize in seamless system and data integration, bridging various sources within your existing infrastructure with the implementation of new automation solutions. Our expertise ensures a smooth transition and interoperability between systems, optimizing efficiency and effectiveness.
Moreover, we prioritize meaningful data reporting, steering away from overwhelming volumes of data that often incur high costs and time-consuming analysis. Our focus lies in delivering concise, actionable insights, enabling informed decision-making and driving tangible results


We at eleetPro believe proper training is the most crucial aspect of developing, running and maintaining a system smoothly. Thus, we provide On-Site and Classroom Training for PLC & SCADA, DCS, Automation, Computer system validation as per GAMP5

Some of the Process Automation we have successfully completed

Automatic Bromination Process

Automatic Bromination process comprises of mainly below process

  1. Automatic Tanker unloading process
  2. Automatic Bromine transfer process from ISO Tanks to Receiver
  3. Automatic Temperature Control
  4. Automatic Bromine Charging process
  5. Automatic Reactor Pressure Control

Solvent Recovery Plant

System of solvent recovery plant has Stainless steel reactor with Distillation Column, Primary Condensers, Secondary Condensers and Receiver.

  1. Automatic Temperature control process
  2. Automatic solvent charging process to rector from storage tanks
  3. Automatic pressure and Level control process
  4. Automatic Distillation and Reflux with Ratio control process

Hydrogenation Process

Hydrogenation process comprises of mainly below process

  1. Automatic Inertisation process using Nitrogen as Inert gas
  2. Automatic Temperature Control
  3. Automatic Reactor Pressure Control
  4. Automatic Hydrogen charging process with Pressure Control
  5. Hydrogen Leak Detection System

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