Turnkey Projects

eleetPro’s commitment to delivering comprehensive Turnkey Solutions in Electrical, Automation, and Instrumentation is evident in our extensive portfolio. Our collaboration with industry leaders ensures a robust offering of products and services that span the entire lifecycle of a project. With a focus on efficiency, eleetPro’s expertise shines in managing complex projects across diverse sectors such as Pharma & Chemical, Oil and Gas, Metals, Water & Waste water and Utilities and more. Our hands-on experience encompasses a wide array of systems and plants, demonstrating our capability to handle intricate challenges in engineering and project execution. This versatility positions eleetPro as a versatile partner for turnkey project management, capable of meeting the demands of various industry sectors with precision and reliability.

We have supplied automation and drive systems, motors, electrical power and control panels such as HT Breaker Panels, LT PCC Panels, MCC Panels, DBS, JBS, Field Instruments, Field Control and Power Cables with accessories such as Cable Trays and Mechanical Structure Assemblies. In addition, we also provide supporting services such as Erection, Installation, and Commissioning of our supplied material.

In the competitive world of business, turnkey solutions that offer high-quality work at reasonable prices are essential for establishing a strong reputation. Companies that can deliver such services efficiently are often recognized as industry leaders. They not only meet client expectations but also add value to their

operations, fostering trust and encouraging long-term partnerships. This approach to business is what sets apart successful enterprises, making us the go-to choose for customers seeking reliability and excellence.

Raspberry Pi​

Key Applications

System Design & Architecture

System design and architecture in a turnkey project involve the comprehensive planning, development, and implementation of the entire system or solution being delivered to the client. It encompasses the design of hardware, software, networks, and infrastructure components to meet the client's specific requirements and objectives.


Initiation: Define project objectives, scope, and constraints. Identify stakeholders and establish communication channels. Conduct initial feasibility analysis and risk assessment. Requirement Analysis: Gather and document detailed requirements from stakeholders. Conduct interviews, workshops, and surveys to understand business needs. Prioritize requirements and define acceptance criteria. Design Specification: Develop a detailed design specification based on requirements. Define system functionality, user interfaces, and data models. Specify performance metrics, security requirements, and compliance standards.

Features or advantages

Comprehensive Requirement Analysis: Thoroughly gather and analyze requirements from stakeholders to ensure a clear understanding of project objectives, scope, and constraints. Identify and prioritize functional and non-functional requirements to guide the design and architecture process. Modular and Scalable Design: Design the system with modular components that can be easily integrated, upgraded, or replaced as needed. Ensure scalability to accommodate future growth and changes in user requirements or technology advancements.

Our Offerings

End-to-End Project Management: We specialize in managing turnkey projects from inception to completion. Our experienced project managers oversee every aspect of the project, from initial planning and design to implementation, testing, and deployment. Customized Solutions: We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and objectives. Our team of experts then develops customized solutions that address their specific needs, ensuring that the final deliverables meet or exceed expectations.

Project Engineering & Documentation
Quality System Documentation

OEM Solution

• We provide complete trunkey solution with help of our OEM partner
• we also provide separate 3-Axis hardware and Software solution to other OEM vendors

Faster Time to Market

Our Ready to use hardware, and software stack including Embedded OS, BSP, middleware layer, and reusable application layer and libraries helps to make it faster time to market.

PLC Panel Mounting Enclosure Design

To support Industry 4.0, We provide an enclosure with a PLC rack mounting option inside the panel. It is also possible to customize enclosure as per customer needs.

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