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People Matter

We value our customers most but we believe that our employees come first in our culture. If you take care of your employees, they take care of your customer.

One-Stop solution

eleetpro works for your comfort and advantage by tuning service scalability and engagements to your preference. We help to provide a one stop solution for your product or services requirements. It will help our customer to save time, money and repetitive communication complexity efforts. As a one stop solution we offer;

  • Flexible Managed team, project and team extension
  • Nearshore/Offshore/On-Site resources as well as hybrid engagements
  • Development and operations w & w/o dedicated teams
  • Project portfolio engagements;
  • R&D and prototyping
  • Consulting
  • Customer value addition
  • Wide technology range and end to end product development: We can help with end to end product development solutions including different technology domain like Embedded Software, IoT, IIoT, Gateway, Device wired and wireless communication protocols, Could, Mobile and desktop.
  • Quality assurance
  • Post support maintenance
  • Support and services
  • Production tooling
  • Product training programs

Clients praise the flexibility of our engagement models since they bring a number of benefits: fast team ramp-up and capacity scale down based on the business requirements and forecast.

With the great flexibility, readiness to follow the customer processes and vision, technology, quality standards and communication is required to work with corporate enterprises. Where we adapt customer’s approach and define a common model to ensure performing all desired services and delivering the project as expected.

  • Follow the processes: It is very important for us to follow the defined, existing and proven customer processes however we also help to derive the mutual processes to follow to gain best quality and in time solution
  • Use Technology: We as a AdiInfi team, very passionate bout technology and always ready to extend our competence to the required area. When executing a task, we refuse any limitations hindering the efficient problem solving.
  • Solution oriented focus: We alwasys try to do everything needed to solve the customer’s problem and do not expect the customer to decide any tiny details of how it should be solved. Our customer can rely on us and be sure that the project will be delivered in time and with the quality.

It is always a challenge to product houses to constantly upgrade their products, new features requests from end users and sometimes areas that are out of their area of expertise. AdiInfi has a technology stack, a competent team of self-driven experts and efficient at remote work. We can quickly provide the lacking resources to extend the development team for as long as you need. Also we can help to create a offshore development center if require.

  • We work as your team: You can quickly expand your team with qualified software engineers available to support your processes in AdiInfi. A wide selection of specialists will cover your needs in a range of technologies and development areas.
  • Long term commitment: Long term commitment is very important factor to keep adjusting new features requests, keep maintaining quality control and keep upgrading the software products. It can require resources, skills, and qualifications for a long time. Instead of hiring new people and facing associated logistics, managing, and training issues, we can help to get as many as trained experts as your need in AdiInfi for long term relationship.We also keep managing any risk factors related to team and keep building strengthen team prior to risk.
  • Efficient remote work: Constant communication and cooporation between onshore and offshore locations taught us how to set up teams that efficiently work with remote partners and projects.

Startups alwyas around an idea or a problem with a potential for significant business opportunity and impact. New innovation or new ideas, move businesses and technologies forward which can help the society to get better future. Combining original ideas with startup-oriented methodology brings to startup initiators and their investors success expressed in the reduced time-to-market, ability to quickly respond to changes, and high focus on quality.

  • Help with the Proof of Concept(PoC): With help of our expertise and technical strength, we embodying an idea into an accomplished product. We cover all technological details focusing on the startup aim and ensuring high visibility of the future product with prototyping. We help to bring ideas to life.
  • Teamwork: You don’t have to do all the tasks on your product in a small group of startup initiators. We can help to pick engineers, who best suits your needs, and arrange an efficient workflow to complete all works according to the plan we draw together. Developing your product will be a teamwork with us.
  • Research, feasibility and component selection: We can help to extend your research and feasibility to have efficient components or technology selection with help of our expertise and man power.
  • We work as your technology partner: We have a huge technology stack and ensure required expertise to move your startup forward. You get specialists input as needed, which means that you can scale your team up and down to respond to the changes in the development process.

Key contract models

The versatility of our engagements allows us to be flexible in terms of contract models as well. Based on the nature of the project and customer requirements, our clients may choose from four basic contract models. based on the preference of the customer it is also possible to have a mixture of these basic contracts;

A team is made available to you for the assigned task by following the project development process. You can pick and build your own team with AdiInfi – we’ll provide you with skilled team members according to your requirements. The team can be flexibly modified to suit your needs by required training and skill ramp-up.

Best for: Long-term projects, solution or product provider, or to build an extension of your own teams.

In those cases, for which cost can be defined as a lump sum for the complete project, based on your requirements specifications and acceptance criteria, AdiInfi can propose to engage in a fixed price model. A project plan will be shared with you and you will be able to follow up on the progress of the project until the delivery date. In such projects, post-service support and maintenance can be added.

Best for: Short term and well-defined requirements specification projects

Service Level Agreement (SLA) contains the most important parts of the information on predetermined services. It describes metrics, conditions, standards, responsibilities of both parties, etc. SLA can be easily customized or updated based on your preferences. This type of engagement model ensures a modern and cost-effective approach to optimal resource management and productivity according to the world’s best practices.

If you want to have a fully customized SLA option, if the scope and conditions of your project are clear and you want to leverage administrative expenses, if you want to have more control over the most important processes without burying yourself with unnecessary details, consider opting for an SLA model.

AdiInfi can help to define and deploy the best tools for SLA-based process execution. We can help to deploy SLA based team to work based on your product portfolio.

Best for: Mid- and long-term projects with exact predefined requirements for performance, deadlines, and other metrics. Best suitable for deplored product support and services.

AdiInfi acts as one of your team members while we host. An overhead is added to the salary of each engineer you decide to hire, for which AdiInfi provides HR services to introduce the right profiles to you, an office space, administrative and legal services, and more.

You select the specialists you want and get full control over the team as if it were yours. You have full transparency on your team (including salaries).

Best for
: Companies that want to manage the team with transparency and highly integrated into their environment by following their processes and management practices.

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We’re Hear Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity, and Innovations.


We’re Hear Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity, and Innovations.


We’re Hear Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity, and Innovations.


We’re Hear Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity, and Innovations.

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We’re Hear Your Business

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We’re Hear Your Business

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