Analytical dashboard support and services

We help our customer to setup end-to-end Support System.

It is very important to continuously learn and improve products and support services by analyzing analytical data of daily support services and issues end-user/customers face and log in to service-desk. It helps to create a better brand and value addition in front of end-users to increase sales and save maintenance costs.

We help o create a dashboard by having KPI, SLA, and all required analytical reports for example response and resolution time trends, category-wise issues, geological field issues, and so on, which continuously take input of all tickets filed by customers.

support and services

Our offerings

Managed 1st and 2nd line support

⮚ You can get outsourced IT support services delivered on a turn-key basis or cover only the areas you need and fit into your existing process.

⮚ As an IT support provider. The team pays much attention to process & workflow optimization, knowledge base creation, management, as well as advanced training of our L1 and L2 engineers.

Support team extension

⮚ Apart from providing IT support-managed services, we also help our customers extend their existing teams with IT, support engineers, or long-term resources.

⮚ Our experts easily merge into customers’ organizations and are actively involved in incident solving, troubleshooting, extended analytics and reporting, workflow, and process development.

Maintenance and support at 3rd line

⮚ Maximize your IT systems efficiency along with minimizing costs and potential issues with efficient support.

⮚ eleetPro 3rd line engineers and maintenance and technical experts to help customers to reduce costs and ensure minimal downtime, excellent performance, and availability.

⮚ We perform systems upgrades, migration, enhancement, re-engineering, etc. to optimize your software systems landscape and make sure your IT ecosystem runs smoothly, reliably, and in a cost-efficient way.

Support system and service desk setup

⮚ can help you define & optimize IT support processes, create a support knowledge base (incl. FAQ, checklists, training material, etc.), choose the best-fit support systems combination, and tailor it to your needs. We help to setup the right tools like JIRA, Zendesk, etc. as per need and workflow management.

Workflow creation and optimization

⮚ The support team can create the workflow from scratch or perform workflow optimization for existing systems to reduce costs and increase work efficiency.

⮚ It is very important in any cooperation to know the point of contact, and critical paths of the problem-solving process. Driven by ITIL framework standards, we create a complete service chain considering your project’s specifics.

Analytical dashboard and reports

⮚ We help to create an analytical dashboard and reports with all required KPIs, SLA, and product quality in the market by having problems in separate categories, for example, region-wise problem reports, feature-wise problem reports, etc.

Industries we serve

Industry 4.0

We are serving innovative solutions and services by providing a proven industrial IoT 4.0 solutions to help OEMs to reduce the complexity of machine, electronics, firmware and software based IIoT applications.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

With help of our expertise in indoor and outdoor smart and connected lighting solutions, we help our customers in design, development, production tooling installation-commissioning process, and after sales support.

Home Automation

AdiInfi has experience and in-depth knowledge of connectivity protocols, home automation complete end to end solution needs, gateways, router, and end-devices to make customized solution as per requirements.

Security and Surveillance

Including home automation solutions, we have expertise in smart connected locks, entry gate solutions using camera, fingerprint, BLE range detection , NFC and RFID to provide IoT based secure solutions where we believe in privacy and safety aspects of users.


We provide smart and connected Farming Solutions to facilitate farmers to make right decision on right time, and get more production of crop, reduce operational cost and have longer storage of crops. We provide vast range of sensors, connected cloud app, IoT devices and Mobile application to make this happen based on custom requirements.

Consumer Electronics

We provide services and solutions in consumer electronics domain by providing the design and development of conventional and IoT based smart and connected consumer electronics devices.


We help our semiconductor partners by providing technical backend support to build device drivers, BSP, board bring-up, Proof of concept, middleware, user layer applications and sometimes to support their customer’s custom needs.


We have expertise in retail industry by providing smart and connected services and solutions like Point of Sale(PoS), RFID/BLE/NFC/barcode based tracking solutions , Fleet management, security devices, attendance devices and many more.


AdiInfi provides design & development of futuristic IoT and embedded solutions like infotainment solutions, ADAS, Taxi meters, Board Computers. We have expertise in real time firmware, connected protocols, , board bring up, Qt and Android based GUI applications for infotainment and instrument cluster.

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We’re Hear Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity, and Innovations.


We’re Hear Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity, and Innovations.


We’re Hear Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity, and Innovations.

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We’re Hear Your Business

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We’re Hear Your Business

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