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Inspection is a critical process in manufacturing and quality control, ensuring that products meet specified standards and requirements. It involves the examination, measurement, and testing of materials or products, comparing the results with predefined specifications.

The objectives of inspection include maintaining quality, ensuring uniformity, and preventing defects, thereby safeguarding the manufacturer’s reputation and customer satisfaction.


  • The process of inspection is a critical component of quality control in manufacturing and production.
  • It involves the systematic examination of materials, parts, or products to ensure they meet specified standards. This can include checking dimensions, functionality, and appearance against predefined criteria.
  • Effective inspection helps to prevent defects, maintain product consistency, and uphold customer satisfaction by ensuring only quality products reach the market.


  • Inspection plays a crucial role in quality control by ensuring that products meet predefined standards, which is essential for maintaining consistency and reliability in the supply chain.
  • It helps businesses maintain their reputation and customer trust, as regular inspections can prevent the risk of faulty products reaching the market.
  • For customers, it provides reassurance that the products they purchaseare safe and of high quality.
  • In industries where safety is critical, such as pharmaceuticals or automotive, quality control inspections are indispensable

Our offerings


In the realm of quality assurance, we are offering services for the inspection.

We provide
⮚ Field instrument inspections where our expert engineering team ensure that all devices are operating correctly and within specified parameters.

⮚ Control panel inspections where our expert engineering team verify the proper functioning of the system's nerve centre, which is vital for safe and efficient operations.

⮚ Additionally, we are conducting regular audits which help identify potential issues before they escalate, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

Industries we serve

Industry 4.0

We are serving innovative solutions and services by providing a proven industrial IoT 4.0 solutions to help OEMs to reduce the complexity of machine, electronics, firmware and software based IIoT applications.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

With help of our expertise in indoor and outdoor smart and connected lighting solutions, we help our customers in design, development, production tooling installation-commissioning process, and after sales support.

Home Automation

AdiInfi has experience and in-depth knowledge of connectivity protocols, home automation complete end to end solution needs, gateways, router, and end-devices to make customized solution as per requirements.

Security and Surveillance

Including home automation solutions, we have expertise in smart connected locks, entry gate solutions using camera, fingerprint, BLE range detection , NFC and RFID to provide IoT based secure solutions where we believe in privacy and safety aspects of users.


We provide smart and connected Farming Solutions to facilitate farmers to make right decision on right time, and get more production of crop, reduce operational cost and have longer storage of crops. We provide vast range of sensors, connected cloud app, IoT devices and Mobile application to make this happen based on custom requirements.

Consumer Electronics

We provide services and solutions in consumer electronics domain by providing the design and development of conventional and IoT based smart and connected consumer electronics devices.


We help our semiconductor partners by providing technical backend support to build device drivers, BSP, board bring-up, Proof of concept, middleware, user layer applications and sometimes to support their customer’s custom needs.


We have expertise in retail industry by providing smart and connected services and solutions like Point of Sale(PoS), RFID/BLE/NFC/barcode based tracking solutions , Fleet management, security devices, attendance devices and many more.


AdiInfi provides design & development of futuristic IoT and embedded solutions like infotainment solutions, ADAS, Taxi meters, Board Computers. We have expertise in real time firmware, connected protocols, , board bring up, Qt and Android based GUI applications for infotainment and instrument cluster.

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We’re Hear Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity, and Innovations.


We’re Hear Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity, and Innovations.


We’re Hear Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity, and Innovations.

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We’re Hear Your Business

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