Junction Boxes

Junction boxes are essential components in electrical systems, used for housing electrical connections, terminations, and splices. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and organization of electrical wiring within industrial automation setups.

eleetPro , as an industrial automation panel manufacturer, likely offers junction boxes as part of their product lineup. These junction boxes are designed to meet the specific needs of industrial applications, providing durability, reliability, and ease of installation.

If you’re interested in junction boxes by eleetPro or if you need assistance with selecting the right junction box for your automation panel or project, it’s advisable to visit their website or contact them directly for more information. They can provide details about the specifications, configurations, and compatibility of their junction boxes with your automation system requirements.

Raspberry Pi​

Why Choose eleetPro for
Junction Boxes?

Key functionalities of IoT Gateway
Working of IoT Gateway

OEM Solution

• We provide complete trunkey solution with help of our OEM partner
• we also provide separate 3-Axis hardware and Software solution to other OEM vendors

Faster Time to Market

Our Ready to use hardware, and software stack including Embedded OS, BSP, middleware layer, and reusable application layer and libraries helps to make it faster time to market.

PLC Panel Mounting Enclosure Design

To support Industry 4.0, We provide an enclosure with a PLC rack mounting option inside the panel. It is also possible to customize enclosure as per customer needs.

Key Features


ARM Cortex A7 (ARMv8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.5GHz

Storage Capacity

8GB to 64GB expandable


It enables device connectivity via industry standard protocols;

  • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11 ac Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and BLE
  • GPRS and 2G supported interface
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Rs232 and Modbus over USB
  • Zigbee and Thread support over USB


Auth 20 Cloud, MQTT, SSL, AES256 Encryption for messages


Support AWS, Azure and custom Cloud solutions. This can be customized as per need.

Operating System

Embedded Linux, Android, OpenWRT with customization in BSP

Dynamic Modbus protocol changes

Device communication over Modbus protocol can be changed dynamically over USB storage, Mobile App, or Cloud without changing an application

Customized Mobile Application

Customized application in Android and iOS as per need

Easy Installation and Commissioning

Quick <5 minutes of installation and commissioning. This can be customized as per need.

Powered by Raspberry Pi

Having Raspbery Pi module inside

Key Applications

Industry 4.0

Industrial Automation uses Gateway to connect with devices and send data directly to the cloud, control, and monitor machines remotely using Cloud, Mobile, and Web applications.

Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

Control and monitor indoor or outdoor lights using internal devices connect to Cloud using Gateway with privacy and security in focus.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Construction mixer like machines get big advantages to connect PLCs with Modbus and Control/Monitor whole machine from Cloud. Even it gives report of accuracy.


Smart retail devices like POS, price tags/smart shelves label can be build with the IoT gateway as a backbone to have quick performance and security.

Asset Tracking

BLE based beacon can be attached to asset and smart asset tracking can be achieved where BLE beacons will continuously monitor asset and report to the cloud using connected gateway.

Sinage Display

Signage and advertisement display can be connected to this gateway and run advertisement application. Advertisement contents can be changed and control from cloud application.


Any BLE and other IoT protocol based devices can be connected and monitored using IoT Gateway to get remote support.

Safety and Security Lock

Smart security and safety system for multi residential buildings, individual houses and society can be integrated with IoT gateway to make it smart, more secure and high performance compare to conventional system.

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