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Project Engineering and Documentation is a critical aspect of project management that involves the systematic recording of a project’s details. It encompasses all documents produced during the project lifecycle, from proposals and business cases to status reports.

Effective documentation is essential for tracking progress, ensuring that projects are executed in an organized manner, and facilitating the replication of past successes while avoiding previous failures. Proper documentation practices can significantly contribute to a project’s success by providing a clear and detailed method for organizing essential documents and information.


  • Project Engineering and Documentation is a critical process that involves the creation and management of a project’s technical and administrative records.
  • It encompasses the development of detailed process documents that guide the execution of a project from inception to completion.
  • This includes defining the project scope, objectives, and deliverables, as well as outlining the steps and resources required to achieve the project goals.
  • Effective documentation ensures that all project stakeholders are aligned and can contribute to the project’s success efficiently and cohesively.


  • Project Engineering and Documentation are critical aspects of successful project management, offering numerous advantages.
  • Effective documentation acts as a roadmap, guiding project teams through the complexities of development and ensuring that all members have a clear understanding of tasks and objectives.
  • It also serves as a communication bridge, enhancing collaboration and reducing misunderstandings among stakeholders.
  • Furthermore, well-organized documentation can improve efficiency by streamlining processes, which in turn can lead to a higher success rate and better deliverable quality.
  • By maintaining a detailed record of the project’s evolution, documentation helps in preserving essential knowledge and mitigating the risk of information loss. .

Our offerings

MDL – Master Document List

⮚ A Master Document List (MDL) is a comprehensive list that includes key details about each document within a project or organization
⮚ Drawing/Document Name
⮚ Drawing/Document Number
⮚ Revision number
⮚ Approval Status

Bill of Material

⮚ A Bill of Materials (BOM) is a comprehensive list that outlines the components and materials required for the project execution.
⮚ Item Name
⮚ Item Description / Specification
⮚ Make & Model No.
⮚ Quantity

Layout Drawing

⮚ Creating a detailed layout drawing for a process plant involves a comprehensive understanding of the plant's operations, machinery, and workflow.
⮚ The layout should optimize the flow of materials and personnel, minimize equipment and process bottlenecks, and adhere to safety standards.

Item / Instrument Technical Datasheet

⮚ A technical datasheet for an instrument is a comprehensive document that provides all the necessary details about the equipment's features and specifications.
⮚ It typically includes information such as the instrument's tag number, product name, model number, service description, location, P&ID number, and detailed technical specifications like measurement range, accuracy, resolution, and precision.
⮚ Additionally, it outlines that the instrument meets the key parameters of the process it is intended for.

Instrument Hookup Drawing

⮚ Instrument Hookup Drawings are essential documents in the engineering field, detailing the complete installation process of instruments.
⮚ They specify the scope of work between Mechanical and Instrumentation departments and ensure that instruments are installed correctly to operate properly.
⮚ These drawings include information on the tag number, the bill of materials, the type of material based on fluid parameters, and the position of the instrument in reference to the process tapping point.

Instrument Index

⮚ An Instrument Index is a crucial document in the process industry that lists all instruments and devices used within a facility, providing key details such as type, location, function, manufacturer, and model number.

⮚ This index serves as a comprehensive reference for maintenance, repair, and calibration activities, ensuring that all instrumentation is accounted for and properly managed.

Quality System Documentation

Quality System Documentation is a critical aspect of ensuring that equipment, systems, and processes meet the necessary standards and function as intended.
where we provide:
⮚ DQ: Design Qualification
⮚ IQ: Installation Qualification
⮚ OQ: Operational Qualification
⮚ FAT: FAT at our Workshop
⮚ SAT: SAT at Customer Site

Control System Documentation

Control System Documentation is a critical aspect of industrial automation and control systems engineering.
where we provide:
⮚ IO List with Point Assignment
⮚ Alarm List (Process & System)
⮚ Hardware Design Specification
⮚ Software Design Specification
⮚ Functional Design Specification
⮚ Computer System Validation

Control Panel Documentation

Control panel documentation is essential for the design, operation, and maintenance of electrical systems.
where we provide:
⮚ GA (General Arrangement) Drawing
⮚ LA (Lay Arrangement) Drawing
⮚ PD (Power Distribution) Drawing & Single Line Diagram
⮚ CW (Control Wiring) Drawing
⮚ JB Schedule
⮚ Loop Drawing.

PLC & SCADA Validation

In the field of industrial automation, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are crucial for ensuring operational efficiency and safety.

The validation process typically involves several key steps:

⮚ Starting with a GxP (Good x Practices) assessment to ensure compliance with industry standards, followed by the creation of a System Requirement Specification (SRS) to outline the necessary system capabilities.

Pre-Functional Risk Assessment (Pre-FRA) is conducted to identify potential risks before they occur.

Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) are then performed, along with their respective reports (IQR and OQR), to verify the correct installation and operation of the system.

Post-Functional Risk Assessment (Post-FRA) is carried out to evaluate the system after it has been put into operation.

⮚ These steps are essential to maintain the integrity and reliability of PLC and SCADA systems in various industries.

Industries we serve

Industry 4.0

We are serving innovative solutions and services by providing a proven industrial IoT 4.0 solutions to help OEMs to reduce the complexity of machine, electronics, firmware and software based IIoT applications.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

With help of our expertise in indoor and outdoor smart and connected lighting solutions, we help our customers in design, development, production tooling installation-commissioning process, and after sales support.

Home Automation

AdiInfi has experience and in-depth knowledge of connectivity protocols, home automation complete end to end solution needs, gateways, router, and end-devices to make customized solution as per requirements.

Security and Surveillance

Including home automation solutions, we have expertise in smart connected locks, entry gate solutions using camera, fingerprint, BLE range detection , NFC and RFID to provide IoT based secure solutions where we believe in privacy and safety aspects of users.


We provide smart and connected Farming Solutions to facilitate farmers to make right decision on right time, and get more production of crop, reduce operational cost and have longer storage of crops. We provide vast range of sensors, connected cloud app, IoT devices and Mobile application to make this happen based on custom requirements.

Consumer Electronics

We provide services and solutions in consumer electronics domain by providing the design and development of conventional and IoT based smart and connected consumer electronics devices.


We help our semiconductor partners by providing technical backend support to build device drivers, BSP, board bring-up, Proof of concept, middleware, user layer applications and sometimes to support their customer’s custom needs.


We have expertise in retail industry by providing smart and connected services and solutions like Point of Sale(PoS), RFID/BLE/NFC/barcode based tracking solutions , Fleet management, security devices, attendance devices and many more.


AdiInfi provides design & development of futuristic IoT and embedded solutions like infotainment solutions, ADAS, Taxi meters, Board Computers. We have expertise in real time firmware, connected protocols, , board bring up, Qt and Android based GUI applications for infotainment and instrument cluster.

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