Embedded and IoT Engineering Services

We help to deliver innovative and precise technology solutions to diverse global markets through our world class engineering in IoT, and embedded systems

With the Embedded engineering expertise, we helps to convert your idea in to realization to the market. Embedded engineering is focused to performance, security, quality, optimal output and simplifying complexity of platform to Embedded Software realization. Where we help to use our expertise in each layer of Embedded and IoT products from Platform to Software and make early time-to-market.

We have in-depth expertise in embedded and IoT engineering services including platform(BSP, low and high level device drivers) development, Linux /Android OS porting, Wired/Wireless connectivity, Controller/Processor based firmware development, optimization/tuning, Software(CLI or GUI based) development and overall system tuning. We provide end to end solution by combining Embedded systems with Mobile and Cloud services to make end to end product ready as per your requirements and removing dependencies on multiple vendors. We offer complete embedded and IoT services and solutions to our customers from diversified industries experience to achieve faster time to market with lower cost.

We also help to provide mechanical and hardware design and development services with help of our partners based on requirements.

Industries we serve

Industry 4.0

⮚ We are serving innovative solutions and services by providing a proven industrial IoT 4.0 solutions to help OEMs to reduce the complexity of machine, electronics, firmware and software based IIoT applications.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

⮚ With help of our expertise in indoor and outdoor smart and connected lighting solutions, we help our customers in design, development, production tooling installation-commissioning process, and after sales support.

Home Automation

⮚ eleetPro has experience and in-depth knowledge of connectivity protocols, home automation complete end to end solution needs, gateways, router, and end-devices to make customized solution as per requirements.

Security and Surveillance

⮚ Including home automation solutions, we have expertise in smart connected locks, entry gate solutions using camera, fingerprint, BLE range detection , NFC and RFID to provide IoT based secure solutions where we believe in privacy and safety aspects of users.


⮚ We provide smart and connected Farming Solutions to facilitate farmers to make right decision on right time, and get more production of crop, reduce operational cost and have longer storage of crops. We provide vast range of sensors, connected cloud app, IoT devices and Mobile application to make this happen based on custom requirements.

Consumer Electronics

⮚ We provide services and solutions in consumer electronics domain by providing the design and development of conventional and IoT based smart and connected consumer electronics devices.


⮚ We help our semiconductor partners by providing technical backend support to build device drivers, BSP, board bring-up, Proof of concept, middleware, user layer applications and sometimes to support their customer’s custom needs.


⮚ We have expertise in retail industry by providing smart and connected services and solutions like Point of Sale(PoS), RFID/BLE/NFC/barcode based tracking solutions , Fleet management, security devices, attendance devices and many more.


⮚ eleetPro provides design & development of futuristic IoT and embedded solutions like infotainment solutions, ADAS, Taxi meters, Board Computers. We have expertise in real time firmware, connected protocols, , board bring up, Qt and Android based GUI applications for infotainment and instrument cluster.

Our offerings

Linux/Android(AOSP) OS porting

⮚For any existing or new hardware, we provide different flavor of Linux and Android OS porting based on the requirement and architecture design.

Board bring-up

⮚We help to perform board bring-up on controller or processor based hardware using Embedded Linux, AOSP, Bare-metal, and RTOS . This requires bootloader development and/or device driver developments.

Platform and user space device driver development

⮚Based on the requirements, we can help to write or port Linux/AOSP, or controller based drivers.

Wired/wireless connectivity

⮚Any wired or wireless connectivity between device to device and device to cloud can be designed and developed. We have expertise to work with many protocols like, serial, CAN, Modbus, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LoraWAN, Thread, Jennet/Jenic and many more.

Controller/Processor based Firmware/Software

⮚We help to design and develop most of available controller and processor based firmware or software development using C, C++, Java, Python, bare-metal code, RTOS, Qt, Android, CUDA and platform supported SDKs.

CLI or GUI based applciations

⮚We have expertise in CLI and GUI based application by considering performance, quality and security in mind.

End-to-end Wired/Wireless Gateway/Router development

⮚We provide services and end to end solution for complete router or gateway development from scratch.

⮚Based on the requirements we provide our free consultation to select right hardware, protocols and architecture as well.

Android/Qt based Embedded applications

⮚For industries like Healthcare, fitness, industrial HMI, consumer, Point of Sell(PoS), KISO, Signage display requires good and custom GUI applications in Qt and Android.

⮚We have expertise from UI/UX, design and development as per custom requirements.

IoT connectivity using Sub GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

⮚To work with IoT domain we need to select IoT connectivity wisely and specific to country allowed regulations. We have experience in working with diversified connectivity protocols in different domain industries.

Embedded/IoT system tuning and optimization

⮚System performance and tuning is an integral part of Embedded and IoT system where we help to optimize any existing products or consider in new from scratch development. This created great value addition for customer and saves their after sells/support cost.

Test automation for mass production and production tooling software

⮚For any mass production of embedded or IoT devices, it requires to have production tolling and test automation software to save huge cost in commissioning, product registration, quality checks and extra man power cost.

⮚ We can help to fulfil custom requirements to design and develop the solution.

Supported Cloud and Mobile app

⮚To provide one stop solution, we have expertise on Cloud(SaaS or IaaS), and iOS or Android mobile application development by focusing on Embedded and IoT based performance, scalability and security.

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We’re Hear Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity, and Innovations.


We’re Hear Your Business

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We’re Hear Your Business

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