Textile & Fibre

“Driving Innovation: Textile and Fiber Solutions in the Automotive Industry” Similar to porcelain, ceramic tile is also made from clay but fired at lower temperatures. It’s available in a wide range of colors, sizes Glass tiles add a sleek and modern look to spaces, often used for backsplashes, accent walls, and shower surrounds. They come […]

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Power And Energy

Optimizing Power And Energy with eleetPro Panels Power and energy are the lifeblood of modern civilization, driving progress, innovation, and economic development. From the flick of a switch illuminating a room to the roar of engines propelling vehicles forward, the manifestations of power and energy are ubiquitous in our daily lives. At its core, power

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Automative And Tyre

Optimizing Automative And Tyre with eleetPro Panels The automotive industry has long been a symbol of innovation, transforming the way we live and interact with the world. From the invention of the Model T by Henry Ford, which revolutionized mass production and accessibility, to the latest advancements in electric and autonomous vehicles, the automotive sector

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Optimizing Plastic with eleetPro Panels Plastic, once hailed as a marvel of modern engineering, has become both an indispensable part of our daily lives and a symbol of environmental degradation.  Its origins trace back to the early 20th century when chemists stumbled upon the transformative power of polymers – long chains of molecules derived from

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Optimizing Chemical with eleetPro Panels Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the properties, composition, structure, and reactions of matter, particularly at the atomic and molecular levels.  It is often called the central science because it connects physical sciences such as physics and biology. Chemists study atoms, molecules, ions, and the chemical bonds

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Food And Baverage

Optimizing Food And Baverage with eleetPro Panels Food and beverage form the cornerstone of human sustenance and social interaction, bridging cultures, traditions, and personal experiences. From the comforting aroma of a home-cooked meal to the exhilarating burst of flavor from a perfectly crafted cocktail, these elements enrich our lives and connect us to our culinary

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Water And Waste Water

Flowing Towards Eco-Friendly Practices: Water and Wastewater Solutions in the Industries In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive manufacturing, the management of water and wastewater is pivotal in ensuring environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance. This title encapsulates the industry’s proactive approach towards integrating innovative solutions for water conservation, pollution prevention, and resource optimization. As the automotive

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Pulp & Paper

Cruising Through Innovation: Pulp & Paper Solutions Powering the Automotive Industry elletPro In the fast-paced world of automotive manufacturing, efficiency is paramount. elitePro, the latest advancement in pulp and paper solutions, is revolutionizing the way automotive components are manufactured, packaged, and delivered. Moreover, ElitePro is committed to environmental sustainability, utilizing responsibly sourced materials and eco-friendly

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Printing & Packaging

Revolutionizing Automotive Branding: Printing and Packaging Solutions in the Industry Printing technologies, ranging from traditional offset and flexography to cutting-edge digital printing, enable the creation of vibrant and durable graphics for vehicle branding, promotional materials, and instructional labels. In the dynamic landscape of the automotive industry, printing and packaging solutions play a pivotal role in

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Life Science & Pharma

Optimizing Life Cycle Management and Compliance in Pharmaceutical Automation with eleetPro Panels It seems you’re inquiring about how eleetPro industrial automation panels relate to life cycle management and pharmaceutical applications. If you require specific information about EleetPro’s offerings in life cycle management or their industrial automation panels for pharmaceutical applications, it’s best to consult their

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Oxidation Induction Time Automation

OIT automation Oxidation Induction Time Test apparatus based on Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) principle. OIT tests are used to study the behavior of materials toward the heat as a function of temperature and time. Applying this technique we can get quantitative information and many aspects of the material’s reaction to heat.   We provide controller-based

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Melt Flow Indexer Automation

MFI automation The Melt Flow Indexer machine measures the rate of extrusion of a Thermoplastic Material through an orifice of Specific Length and Diameter under prescribed conditions of temperature and pressure. M.F.I Tester is used to measure the flow rate of different Polymers. The generated values help to distinguish the different grades of Polymers. Because of

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Universal Tensile Machine Automation

UTM automation Universal Tensile Machine (UTM ) is a testing laboratory equipment for the universal test applied to many polymers to check the mechanical properties and it is the most important property as the majority of mechanical loading & properties like Tensile strength, modulus, elongation, compressive strength Etc. are calculated by using this machine. We

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End-to-end IoT Engineering

End-to-End IoT Solutions

In the IoT world, it is very important to have devices cost-effective, secure, scalable, and early time to market in the current competitive market. IoT devices are a combination of a great idea, and different stages like fruitful brainstorming and scoping, Hardware Engineering, Firmware/Software Engineering, Cloud and Mobile Infrastructure, Production, Deployment, Support, and End-user customer

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4 Channel 24-bit analog input module ADC Data Acquisition RS485Modbus-RTU

We have designed and developed generic card with 4 channel of individual ADCs to get better performance and 2 digital NPN outputs with Modbus-RTU protocol interface over RS485 to connect with HMIs and PLCs. It makes life easier to use this card in our customer’s industrial application to develop and integrate with their application.  

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IoT Gateway Architecture

IoT Gateway

Internet of Things(IoT) Gateway is a crucial component to establish device to device and device to cloud communication. A gateway provides the bridge between different communication technologies which means we can say that a Gateway acts as a medium to open up a connection between cloud and controller(sensors/devices) in the Internet of Things (IoT).  

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We’re Hear Your Business

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We’re Hear Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity, and Innovations.

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We’re Hear Your Business

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